Endurance is an experienced partner in the international environment aiming to provide the best practice in EU projects in which working and learning come together.


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Endurance is a training company founded in 2001. We are mostly active in the sector of leisure and hospitality. Most of our clients are small and large organizations mentioned sectors and we have a role as a preferred (company) training organization.
Our trainers and coaches are all experienced in what they do. Endurance has more than 25 trainers working in the field of communication, management and safety.
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ROB versteeg

general director

Diana kozakova

EU project management
Success of an organisation depends largely on its employees. Therefore, their correct training becomes increasingly important. We, at Endurance, are fully aware of this, and therefore we aim at a long-term effect of our training. By providing high quality, a good conversion of theory into practice, and drawing up personal training plans for participants, we can achieve this effect. A thorough evaluation contributes to this lasting effect. Afterwards, we also offer coaching and support to implement training results. Therefore, you and the participants will have an optimal and long-lasting profit from your investment.