Endurance is an experienced partner in the international environment aiming to provide the best practice in EU projects in which working and learning come together.


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We are happy to share our knowledge and help you to develop the role of a mentor in your country.

In the field of vocational education and learning the role of the mentor in working establishments is a very important one. A mentor is responsible for the guidance and assisting of trainees andapprentices. In The Netherlands and some other European countries too, the system of working and learning and mentorship is well developed.

The role of a mentor is especially crucial when it comes to combining working and learning. A mentor has a crucial role in the guidance of trainees working in certified learning establishments. Without a mentor the added value of such a system might not be seen as an added value by a trainee or a company. 

Endurance is educating and guiding a certified mentor training. Our goal is to develop the role of a mentor on a European level, via training, e-platforms and sharing knowledge.

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